CAdES: Store OCSP response in SignedDAta.crls.other using java

I'm working on a Java code that stores OCSP responses in Signature's SignedData.crls.other. (Upgrading the CAdES Baseline T to Baseline LT).

I'm validating the created signatures using DSS (

I'm unable to store the OCSPs responses correctly. Storing CRLs is working just fine.

Below is sample showing how I add the revocation data:

ASN1EncodableVector v = new ASN1EncodableVector();

// x509Crl is X509CRL object

// but when I try to use BasicOCSPResp (basicOCSPResp variable)
// it just isn't adding the OCSP responses correctly
BasicOCSPResponse bor = new BasicOCSPResponse((DERSequence) (new ASN1InputStream(basicOCSPResp.getEncoded())).readObject();

// neither this

// nor this
ASN1TaggedObject der = new DERTaggedObject(1, DERTaggedObject.fromByteArray(basicOCSPResp.getEncoded()));

ASN1TaggedObject crls = new DERTaggedObject(false, 1, new DERSet(v));

// The "crls" variable is then added using ASN1OutputStream writeObject to BERSequenceGenerator which generates the signed data

The SignedData.crls is a list of revocation info choices according to RFC 6960:

RevocationInfoChoices ::= SET OF RevocationInfoChoice

RevocationInfoChoice ::= CHOICE {
crl CertificateList,
other [1] IMPLICIT OtherRevocationInfoFormat }

CertificateList ::= SEQUENCE {
tbsCertList TBSCertList,
signatureAlgorithm AlgorithmIdentifier,
signatureValue BIT STRING }

OtherRevocationInfoFormat ::= SEQUENCE {
otherRevInfo ANY DEFINED BY otherRevInfoFormat }

What I want to accomplish is to add the OCSP responses to SignedData.crls.other.

Any help appreciated. Thank you.