how to use proxy in OCSP request

I need to validate X509 Certificate using OCSP using http proxy. Here is my code:

                List<X509Certificate> certificates = Collections.singletonList(certificate);
            CertPath cp = factory.generateCertPath(certificates);
            Set<TrustAnchor> trust = new HashSet<>();
            trust.add(new TrustAnchor(issuerCertificate, null));
            PKIXParameters params = new PKIXParameters(trust);
            CertPathValidator cpv =

            PKIXCertPathValidatorResult validationResult =
                    (PKIXCertPathValidatorResult) cpv.validate(cp, params);

I know, that I can set proxy using System.setProperty("http.proxy", "...") but I need to set it only for my request, not for whole system.