SearchBox Multi Match Query with type best_fields and NOT phrase_prefix

I am using SearchBox from searchkit 2.2.0 and would like to make Multi Match Query with option type best_fields to elasticsearch.

  1. How to set type best_fields when I use prefixQueryFields?
  2. How to correctly set prefixQueryOptions object with type best_fields?

If I set prefixQueryFields attribute, query is Multi Match as I want, but type is phrase_prefix gets me non prefered results. QueryAccessor.ts->this.options.prefixQueryFields->type:"phrase_prefix"

<SearchBox autofocus={true} searchOnChange={true} prefixQueryFields={["fileName^3", "path", "attachment.content", "", "attachment.title"]}/>
result query: prefixQueryFields and type phrase_prefix

If I set prefixQueryOptions attribute, to avoid type phrase_prefix, query become just simple_query_string. Maybe I made a mistake here, when I set prefixQueryOptions object.

<SearchBox autofocus={true} searchOnChange={true} prefixQueryOptions={{
				"fields" : [ "fileName^3", "path", "attachment.content", "", "attachment.title" ],
				"type":       "best_fields"
result query: prefixQueryOptions and simple_query_string