How to create sitecore item version without workflow?

I came across business requirement in Sitecore where for few items we don't need to attached workflow but we want to create new version when we lock edit the item.

I cant apply below setting as it will impact all the items and my workflow will not useful.

<setting name="RequireLockBeforeEditing" value="true"/>

I also gone through stackoverflow question and it has given below solution but not sure on which event it should be.

public Item StartEditing(Item item)
  Error.AssertObject((object) item, "item");
  if (!Settings.RequireLockBeforeEditing || Context.User.IsAdministrator)
    return item;
  if (this._context.IsAdministrator || StandardValuesManager.IsStandardValuesHolder(item) || !this.HasWorkflow(item) && !this.HasDefaultWorkflow(item) || !this.IsApproved(item))
    return this.Lock(item);
  Item obj = item.Versions.AddVersion();
  if (obj != null)
    return this.Lock(obj);
    return (Item) null;

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  • answered 2017-10-11 11:23 Aleksey Shevchenko

    Try something like this:

    Patch item:saved event:

    <configuration xmlns:patch="">
          <event name="item:saved">
            <handler type="PersonalizationDemo.Data.Items.ItemEventHandler, PersonalizationDemo" method="OnItemSaved"/>

    Implement class of custom event handler:

    namespace PersonalizationDemo.Data.Items
        using Sitecore.Data.Items;
        using Sitecore.Events;
        using System;
        public class ItemEventHandler
            protected void OnItemSaved(object sender, EventArgs args)
                if (args == null) { return; }
                var sitecoreEventArgs = args as SitecoreEventArgs;
                if (sitecoreEventArgs == null) { return; }
                if (sitecoreEventArgs.Parameters.Length < 2) { return; }
                var item = sitecoreEventArgs.Parameters[0] as Item;
                if (item == null) { return; }
                if (!this.ShouldItemBeProcessed(item)) { return; }
                var itemChanges = sitecoreEventArgs.Parameters[1] as ItemChanges;
                if (itemChanges == null) { return; }
                if (itemChanges.FieldChanges.Contains(Sitecore.FieldIDs.Lock))
                    var fieldChange = itemChanges.FieldChanges[Sitecore.FieldIDs.Lock];
                    if (fieldChange.Value == "<r />") { return; }
            protected bool ShouldItemBeProcessed(Item item)
                // TODO implement necessary check
                return true;
            protected void CreateNewVersion(Item item)
                var newItem = item.Versions.AddVersion();
                // update necessary field if you need that