sql break select if condition is false after multiply successfully results in a raw

I have an ordered dictionary in SQL database that looks like

word   meaning
word1  meaning1_word1
word1  meaning2_word1
word2  meaning1_word2 

I want to select all word1 and then terminate the select statement

and it's should looks like this:

FROM dictionary 
WHERE word = "word1" WHILE (word = "word1")

P.S. solution should work with SQLite or Postgres

2 answers

  • answered 2017-11-12 20:09 carrot

    It maybe worth ordering by the word and then adding onto the where clause to be below or equal to the word being looked up....

    SELECT * 
    FROM dictionary 
    WHERE word = 'word1' 
      AND word <= 'word1' 
    ORDER by word

  • answered 2017-11-13 02:26 Gordon Linoff

    First, you should be writing the query as:

    SELECT d.* 
    FROM dictionary d.
    WHERE d.word = 'word1';

    If you want the first match, then add limit 1 or fetch first 1 row only.

    If you want performance, add an index on dictionary(word):

    create index idx_dictionary_word on dictionary(word);

    This will speed the query -- assuming the constant and the word have the same (or compatible) collations.