Show specific Products in Table/List view with custom field in WooCommerce Archive Page

I have a normal Shop, Category & Single Product Page for normal guest user. I want to show these products in table or list view with some custom fields which isn't available for normal user. They have their own custom fields which I made by using WooCommerce Product Add-Ons Extension.

I have tried to use plugin to achieve Product Table View but they are not fulfilling my requirement.

I want to add a custom text input field & two quantity field in the customized page; the quantity fields will sum up in Total quantity field column which will be used to multiply the variation price.

I have used HTML to achieve this, adding /?add-to-cart=171&variation_id=175&attribute_pa_setting=Double-Din into ADD TO CART but couldn't pass custom field info to cart and email. (I know it's not possible to pass info with HTML)

Can anyone help me please. Here's a screenshot for what I want: enter image description here