Confused on creating C# discord bot

About a week ago I was planning on making a discord bot with C#. I do know the language decently enough to program simple things in windows forms or console apps. However, when I tried to create a discord bot using the NuGet packet manager I stumbled upon a problem: The compiler did not seem to recognize the

using Discord;

This seemed weird to me because I looked at approximately 6 different tutorials on how to make the bot. At this point I gave up because I can not debug code or whatever: I can't even start to code.

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  • answered 2017-11-13 08:23 LW001

    The solution to this has been found by the OP while writing the question. Turning this into a Community wiki answer per this meta post.

    All tutorials create another class. Simply don't add your Discord.NET to that, first click on your actual main class.