How to: A scenebreak in bookdown

I'm trying to write a novel using bookdown: HTML, EPUB, as well as PDF (pdfLaTeX). I'm using the indent mode, so paragraphs begin with an indent. I have the following custom LaTeX command, called \scenebreak, which:

  1. Leaves an empty line between paragraphs when the scene changes within a chapter.
  2. Introduces a ding, if the scene break is at the end of a page, or the beginning of a page.
  3. Resets indent for the paragraph that follows the break (the paragraph that follows the break starts flush left).

Here's the LaTeX:

% scene breaks

In HTML, this is how I've done it:

<div style='text-align:center;'>&#8226;</div>

I'm aware that a block in bookdown is like a LaTeX environment.

Is a similar setup possible with commands/macros?