Get check mark and "View cart" link to show after "Add to cart"?

I have two almost identical sites, one being a development version of the other.

For a few odd reasons, we hadn't updated woocommerce on the live site for a while, but I just updated to 3.2.3. The dev site was always updated to make sure things work.

Instead of WC products, we use wordpress posts for products with the "Add to cart" button code on there.

Before the update on the live site, whenever you click "Add to cart" a check mark would appear next to the button with a "View cart" link to go to the cart.

It still does this on the dev site (WC 3.2.3) but it no longer does it on the live site after updating.

I checked all settings and googled and cannot get it to show on the updated live site.

Can anyone help? Thanks!