Audiokit MIDI initialisation is confusing

CoreMIDI terminology is already super confusing and badly documented, and Audiokit isn't helping as much as I wished it might.

As far as I can tell, each application is supposed to have one instance of a midi client reference (MIDIClientRef). Audiokit has the AKMIDI class that creates a new client reference for each AKMIDI instance, and instances are being created left, right and center (including the initialization of each AKMIDIInstrument, AKCallbackInstrument and AKMIDISampler instance). All of these also create endpoints with hardcoded names in their built-in constructors so I don't see how I'm supposed to make ones that have proper names.

The top price goes to AKMIDISampler, whose source first says:

/// Initialize the MIDI Sampler
public override init() {

And then on the following few lines:

/// Enable MIDI input from a given MIDI client
/// This is not in the init function because it must be called AFTER you start AudioKit
/// [snipped parameter comments for brevity]
open func enableMIDI(_ midiClient: MIDIClientRef = AKMIDI().client, name: String = "MIDI Sampler")

(Note that it IS in the init function)

I would be super happy to either hear some clarification about general usage guidelines (do I need to override everything?) or links to documentation/articles explaining this in more detail.