Why is my makemigrations not creating table

I know this question has been asked before ,but not resolved .When ever i run django makemigrations and migrate, it does not create a my table in the data base .I have done research but yet, do not understand why this is happening and how i can resolve it .Any one has faced such a problem before and resolved it .Please share your solution thanks in davance

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  • answered 2017-11-12 20:52 sahutchi

    A couple of things are required to make a migration do something.

    1. python manage.py makemigrations (builds instructions), python manage.py migrate actually alters the db specified in your settings.py
    2. You must have a db specified in settings.py
    3. This looks at the apps added in settings.py, if you modify a models.py for an app not added in the settings then it won't show up.