V-model for select component

In Vue we can bind data on two way in the select component like below:

<select v-model="selected">
  <option v-for="option in options" v-bind:value="option.value">
    {{ option.text }}
<span>Selected: {{ selected }}</span>

Our Vue code is:

new Vue({
  el: '...',
  data: {
    selected: 'A',
    options: [
      { text: 'One', value: 'A' },
      { text: 'Two', value: 'B' },
      { text: 'Three', value: 'C' }

Here v-model property works for the value of the option.

Is there any method for the same thing to the text property of the option.

In other words, is there any method works with One,Two and Three values.