CakePHP3 routing: pass static variable to controller action

I trying to pass "language" param from CakePHP3 route, to the action, so I can set the language for those pages.

$routes->connect('/es/hola', ['controller' => 'StaticPages', 'action' => 'welcome']);
$routes->connect('/en/hello', ['controller' => 'StaticPages', 'action' => 'welcome']);

The only way i can make it wor is using a dinamyc parameter like this:

$routes->connect('/:lang/hola', ['controller' => 'StaticPages', 'action' => 'welcome'], ['pass' => ['lang']]);

But the problem is this route will be match:


I think sould be another best way to do this in CakePHP3, but i can't found this.


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  • answered 2017-11-12 20:59 ndm

    If you don't want it to be dynamic, then you need to pass it in the defaults, ie alongside the controller and action:

            'controller' => 'StaticPages',
            'action' => 'welcome',
            'lang' => 'es'

    In the controller the parameter will be available via the request object:

    $lang = $this->request->getParam('lang'); // param('lang') before CakePHP 3.4

    If you want it to be passed as an argument to the controller action, you can still define it to be passed via the pass option.

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