coturn: Need help configurating my server correctly

I am trying to set up a STUN/TURN server on my local computer for a webrtc application of me. I decided to use coturn. Note that my server is running behind a NAT.

So i fired up my Ubuntu VM and installed it. After reading through the wiki I got it working, atleast on my local network. For testing purposes, i use this site. Therefore, when i try it there with, it works. When i try it with "public-ip":3478, it doesnt.

This told me, it is working locally and it should be a port/NAT issue. What i did:

1) I set the VM to Bridging

2) I opened the port 3478 on my router. To test if this is really working, i used telnet on a remote machine and it worked. Another test was that i set up a quick apache server on my local machine on port 3478 and it could be accessed from the outside. This told me that there is, or should be, not port/NAT issue and my turn server should be working.

Any ideas?

I am running my server with the following command:

"sudo turnserver -X "public-ip" -listening-port=3478 -v

The turnserver.conf looks something like this:

  • fingerprint

  • realm="myRealm"

  • lt-cred-mech

  • user=test:test

As telnet and apache server are both working, i am pretty sure i have a configuration issue. I basically spent the weekend trying and im really lost on what could be wrong.

Thanks for any help!