generate a new file from template with a php script

I need a solution for my site to create new files quickly and would be grate if somebody can help. I'm pretty good in HTML and have a decent knowledge of PHP but no super expert!

So, each day i find a new content to add my site i forge the html template file i have, rename and fill the data in new file, opening with notepad++ and saving to server. but i'm doing this manually and taking a lot of time. so, what i want is a kind of admin page where i can go to and fill the form - from data entered here including a file name that to be generate, I want a php script to take 'my manual forge rename and fill the data job' and create a new page, which has the data from the form i entered.

I'm thinking to create my own CMS to summit up.

please look at this image if i failed to explain clearly.

**please look at this image if i failed to explain clearly.**