best way to read in values from config file (YAML) -- python

I have the following function that reads in data from a YAML file:

import yaml

def read_yaml():
reads a yaml file and returns tuple with configuration data for HTTP requests

:return tuple: (doc, base_url, headers)

with open("yaml/okta_yaml.yaml", 'r') as f:
    doc = yaml.safe_load(f)

base_url = doc["connection"]["base_url"]
headers = doc["connection"]["headers"]

ss_username = doc["secret_server"]["username"]
ss_password = doc["secret_server"]["password"]
ss_url = doc["secret_server"]["url"]
ss_domain = doc["secret_server"]["domain"]

return doc, base_url, headers, ss_username, ss_password, ss_url, ss_domain

To pull in a subset of the returned tuple from the function above into a different module I have something like the following:

import requests
from read import read_yaml

def find_userid(username):
performs HTTP GET request to retrieve Okta user id

:param str username: username retrieved by argument
:return str userid: okta userid

# unpacks variables from the read_yaml function
doc, base_url, headers = read_yaml()[0:3]
# builds full HTTP GET url
url = base_url + '/api/v1/users?q=' + username

# runs the HTTP GET request
response = requests.get(url, headers=headers)
# encodes HTTP response into JSON format for processing
data = response.json()

# iterate through JSON response and find 'id' value
for user in data:
    userid = user['id']
    if userid:
        print "### Found userid: " + userid + " ###"
        print "### Could not find specified user ###"

# return userid string
return userid

def deactivate_okta(userid):
performs HTTP POST request to disable Okta user based on userid

:param str userid: string value returned from find_userid() function

# unpacks variables from the read_yaml function
doc, base_url, headers, = read_yaml()[0:3]

# builds full POST url
url = base_url + '/api/v1/users/' + userid + '/lifecycle/deactivate'

# runs HTTP POST request to deactivate user based on user id
response =, headers=headers)

# return code 200 means POST successful
if response.status_code == 200:
    print '### User deactivated ###'
    print '### Unable to deactivate user ###' + userid

Everything works, but I'm wondering what is the best way to read the YAML file and grab the data I need and to inject it into another function/module. The reason for this is, the current read_yaml() function returns a tuple with a lot of values and as is, it only serves two apps I'm trying to access via the API.

I have about 15 other apps that I want access via the api and I don't think it's the most efficient way to keep adding return values in the read_yaml() function.

This is my first attempt at some python code so I'm probably doing a lot of things wrong and could use some help on how to best approach this.