How would I get updated position after passing object through event?

I'm working on putting together a point and click game and I need to get the updated position of a moving gameobject in a scene. I'm currently passing the object that is selected with the mouse through an event to another script after the object is clicked on. The object's position is stored from when the object is clicked on, not it's current location, I would like to pass this into the update loop somehow to get an updated position.

I've looked at using member variables to get updates from the update function, but that just seems messy. Is there a better solution for this or should I just use member variables?


here is the code I'm concerned with

    void Start()

    private void RegisterForMouseEvents()
        var cameraRaycaster = FindObjectOfType<CameraRaycaster>();
        cameraRaycaster.onMouseOverEnemy += OnMouseOverEnemy;

    void OnMouseOverEnemy(EnemyAI enemy)
     // enemy is object passed from delegate
     // that has the EnemyAI script attached.
     // how do I pass enemy into Update() then either 
     // back into this method or another method?