Firebase Admin Authentication on Kubernetes GKE NodeJS

I have deployed an API server with NodeJS in a Kubernetes cluster. I want to use Firebase for user authentication. Current k8s architecture consists of:

  • Nginx Ingress which routes requests from to:
  • Service Object for the users micro service
  • Deployment Object

I have created a Service Account with Firebase and am trying to initialize the connection with the call to admin.initializeApp with the following:

  credential: admin.credential.cert({

the connection is triggered once the API endpoint is hit and after attempting to authenticate with Firebase the server logs the following error:

Error: An internal error has occurred. Raw server response: "{}"

Is there any way to figure out more about the error? I can't seem to find anything on SO or Firebase.'

Update: I am wondering if the reason why there is an error is because the http response after authenticating with Firebase doesn't know where to go specifically because the request is hidden behind a Service object within Kubernetes.