Synchronize my personal data on Amazon Glacier

I'm using currently a software named FreeFileSync, which is awesome to synchronize files between two hard-drives for example. I'm using it in a backup purpose; when you start to synchronize your folders, it only copy/delete the folders/files that changes, a little bit like git does. Now I'm searching to use Amazon Glacier to store my backups, but I don't want to upload my files by hand; if there is a SDK, is to be used. As far I know, FreeFileSync doesn't allow to sync files on Glacier or on remote devices (sftp is supported but I didn't find a way to use Glacier with). So my question is : Is there a software (free is better, I'm a student) that has the same kind of functionalities than FreeFileSync and that works with Glacier ?

PS : If there are software to do so but using another cloud solution, I'm interested too.