Creating an ASP.NET web site and moving a Windows Server VM

For a class project I created an ASP.NET web site using Visual Studio. I also have a virtual machine running Windows Server 2012 R2.

My project instructions say I simply need to "copy your code [from Visual Studio] to the Windows Server wwwRoot folder [on the virtual machine]."

This does not work for me.

When I try and access the page from "localhost/theNameofMyProject" I'm getting the same error as this post on the msdn forums ( but the solutions suggested there aren't helping me.

The website works when run in Visual Studio on my host machine and the IIS server seems to be working (it displays the default windows screen when accessed through "localhost" on the virtual machine).

What is the correct way to take my website from Visual Studio and host it on my Virtual Machine IIS server?

Thanks for your help!