Memory crash with NEW GTX 980 Graphics card

I have a weird problem with my new card or maybe something else now in my pc since i upgraded my hardware lately.

.. I bought a new graphics card from an ebay seller that was told to be new and from Israel, he has an running business with alot of positive history by users rated. KSMTOP is his website if youre interested to check...

The graphics card/ game crashes most of the time on games that i early could play without any problems on my old R9 280X XFX card that had 3Gb memory in it... The error message usually is about memory running out or something similiar. Mostly memory related error messages.

The new cards specific model is GTX 980 Gigabyte windforce 3X 4Gb.

I have been trying to find solution for this problem but with no success so far. Hope you have experience with the problem or know what to suggest?


  • AMD FX-9370 4.7? 4.3? GHz processor.
  • Asus Crosshair V Formula-Z motherboard.
  • Corsair pro series 8gb ram + some same CL rated old ram that i found from closet 4Gb.
  • XFX Bronze Semi-Modular 750W+ PSU.
  • GTX 980 Gigabyte Windforce 4gigs.
  • 2monitors @1080x1920 and 1650x1050
  • Logitech something gaming mouse.
  • windows sidewinder x4 keyboard.

GL - Flamma