Instagram Acceptable API Usage

We're new to developing for Instagram and after a thorough read of Instagram's developer policy and API guidelines, I'll admit to some level of confusion with what we are and are not allowed to do. Our application is a custom-built-for-a-specific-brand loyalty platform that rewards customers and allows them to progress in points/tiers to higher levels for things like discounts at the brand, reward certificates, special brand experiences, etc.

As I don't have a direct way to ask Instagram, here are our questions:

  • We want to scan the public timeline and look for certain tags + get the userID of the account that used the tag
  • We want to be able to let a user give us their Instagram username, authenticate with Instagram, and then give them some bonus points for doing so
  • We want to be able to give bonus points to customers who have given us their usernames, authenticated, and then posted using a certain hashtag
  • Would Instagram consider a loyalty platform that a customer has opted-in to to be an acceptable use of the API?

It looks like access to the public_content and likes scopes in Instagram was cutoff on October 1, 2017 and they are not accepting new submissions. We can still get access to the basic scope, but I think the items that would help us the most are in the now-defunct calls.

Any thoughts on the above?