How to assign a plugin data to a different table in a different database(s) in wordpress

I am using woocommerce with yikes_woo_products_tabs to display multiple tabs on the single product page. The data related to yikes_woo_products_tabs is big and easily exceeds approx 1Gb with only 25k products. The other data is not so big. I have 1GB limitation from my hosting provider on the database size but not on number of dbs.

Tried approaches:

  1. Inspired from here, I decided to slice postmeta into 10 databases based on product's id (parent's id in case of child product/variation) such that it occupies the database db_{{X}} where X = ID % 10. Example: product with ID 857236 will occupy db_6 since 857236 % 10 = 6. The table name remains unchanged (postmeta). I configured HyperDB to check for single product page and load the corresponding db_{{X}}. It works but then this causes the problem while checkout and considers products only from the db that was used recently used while other products from other dbs in cart are reported as missing. I think using HyperDB for such simple challenge is not what I would like to do. I tried to log and filter the queries to check for anything similar to 'yikes_woo_products_tabs', but it doesn't mention the where clause for the meta_key while selection. Therefore I had to copy all meta_key information of the product in the slices and not just row(s) where meta_key = 'yikes_woo_products_tabs'.

  2. I am planning to split only the table postmeta over multiple dbs and only for meta_key = 'yikes_woo_products_tabs' in the similar way as above in 10 dbs and other values can be read from the main db. Is there a possible solution that I can write a function in functions.php where I can dynamically select the db_{{X}} to query based on product ID and then may be read from the postmeta of the computed db_{{X}} where meta_key = 'yikes_woo_products_tabs' for the select product ID and then add them to the tabs. I know there are filters which allow users to add/remove tabs so adding/removing is not a problem.

Problem with the above solutions:

With approach 1, Open product from db_1 and add to cart. Then refreshing product from db_2 removes the product from db_1. Since there is no common posts and postmeta in single db that has all the products that were added to the cart.

With the 2nd approach, I am unable to change the database on the fly. I can live with manually copying the newly added product's meta_key = 'yikes_woo_products_tabs' rows over the slices of dbs.

Any help is appreciated. PS: I am new with php and web development.

Wordpress version: 4.8.3 Woocommerce version: 3.2.3 Yikes_woo_product_tabs version: 1.6.3