Consume SQS tasks from App Engine

I'm attempting to integrate with a third party that is posting messages on an Amazon SQS queue. I need my GAE backend to receive these messages.

Essentially, I want the following script to launch and always be running

import boto3
sqs_client = boto3.client('sqs', 
while True:
    sqs_client.receive_message(QueueUrl=QUEUE_URL, WaitTimeSeconds=60)
    for message in msgs_response.get('Messages', []):
        deferred.defer(process_and_delete_message, message)

My main appengine web app is on Automatic Scaling (with the 60-second &10-minute task timeouts), but I'm thinking of setting up a micro-service set to either Manual Scaling or Basic Scaling because:

Requests can run indefinitely. A manually-scaled instance can choose to handle /_ah/start and execute a program or script for many hours without returning an HTTP response code. Task queue tasks can run up to 24 hours.

Apparently both Manual & Basic Scaling also allow "Background Threads", but I am having a hard-time finding documentation for it and I'm thinking this may be a relic from the days before they deprecated Backends in favor of Modules (although I did find this

Is Manual or Basic Scaling suited for this? If so, what should I use to listen on sqs_client.receive_message()? One thing I'm concerned about is this task/background thread dieing and not relaunching itself.

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  • answered 2017-12-06 19:26 bscott

    This maybe a possible solution:

    Try to use a Google Compute Engine micro instance to run that script continuously and send a REST call to your app engine app. Easy Python Example For Compute Engine


    I have used modules that run instance type B2/B1 for long running jobs; and I have never had any trouble; but those jobs do start and stop. I use the basic scaling: with max_instances set to 1. The jobs I have run take around 6 hours to complete.