Digital Signage app Development

i want to make an android app about digital signage, the application has two apk, first will be the remote or sender, the second will be the receiver and player, I've been searching for the reference but, I didn't found anything, so I think i must create step by step, like the function, method, the feature of the app,

But i still don't get it about the function and the method please help me, And this is a list about what i know to create digital signage

  • connecting between device (wifi direct / p2p) how to create that?

  • after that, the user choose the layout, and fill the form to create that layout, such as running text (marquee), browse image, browse video, write the url for rss feeds, and after that, the user will submit that form and upload it, the second apk will be receiving and display the data from the form ( how to implement that?)

that's it, please help me, I'm stuck :( Maybe u guys know or have a reference about it. Thanks