Finding Elements Based on Order

I am attempting to extract certain elements based on the order they appear in the code. Unfortunately there are some other elements in this webpage that are unneeded. I want to extract text 1 and text and Text 3 and the second text in the example I created below. I'm unable to do this by location like the link below asks because I need to get the elements by a class and element name with document.querySelectorAll('.classname b'); Both elements (the one on the left and the one on the right) need to be accessed this way. How could I do this? Thanks!


<td class="class"><a><img><b>PA3B-2 DESIGN &amp; MANUF WT</b></a></td>


<td class="letter">

I want to take out PA3B-2 DESIGN &amp; MANUF WT with A. And this repeats except occasionally does not have the 2nd part (class="letter")