[leap 42.2][netbeans 8.2] gdb can't open Konsole

I did not yet seek for the netbeans logs nore gdb logs.

I have a project that is perfectly debuggable on other computers but not on one single computer. I remember have removed/installed netbeans many times and this behaviour changed... untill today :{

This time it won't work anymore, each time I try to debug this application using a external terminal (Konsole) the netbeans throws an exception (null pointer) and that is all.

I may do more tests but for now I downloaded the build 201801110002 to see if it is possible to have this IDE getting back to bizness ^^

Is anyone had such issue ? How can I fix it or find a workaround ?

PS: I tried with ddd and it seems the application was stuck... gdb launched but nothing more... just as netbeans.

After some tests it seems that it works with:

  • internal output window
  • xterm

BUT NOT with Konsole (KDE/plasma5)

Further tests coming...