Better Audio Control Than Pygame

I would have a question to ask you, hoping for your advice.

Unfortunately, more than once I noticed that Pygame, despite being able to play audio, does not have a precise control over them, especially for the volume.

So I thought about using another Python module to play the sounds, etc.

So I ask you for advice. Which Python module can I use to play the sounds and music that gives me more control over it and more precision on the volume?

Simply put, an audio module that:

  • Better control than Pygame on the volume
  • Control on the start, pause and stop of the audio
  • Events of the end of the audio
  • possibility of loop audio
  • possibility to start more audio at the same time (spoken or sounds)
  • reading most of the audio formats

I read from this link that there are several modules available, but having never used them, I do not know which one is right for me. Also I do not know if they are all reported or there are others.

I'm using Python 3.4