How can I combine two Apps in Xcode?

I programmed two Apps in Xcode, in Swift. The Apps are awesome, but I don't know how to combine them in one..

  1. Q: What kind of Apps are they?

    A: Its a AR App, in which I want to put a little AR Game. The AR App can measure the distance of an object. I have a menu in the app, where you can choose whether you want to measure or whether you wanna play a game. The measure thing is finished, and the game is finished too, BUT the game is in another Xcode Project... HOW CAN I COMBINE THEM??

  2. Q: Did you try using a Workspace?

    A: Yes I did, but it didn't work! Maybe I did it wrong??

  3. Q: Why don't you simply do File -> New -> File and copy the Code?

    A: Because there are multiple .swift files and many button outlets and many

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  • answered 2018-01-11 20:30 Sh_Khan

    If I can rephrase combining two apps to two projects , it sometimes happen when you develop a framework so while Project A is opened which is the app that will use that framework in the future , add project B (framework) so while you develop your framework , you can see results of it in App A like as when you develop a chat module that can be added as a feature in any app that's it , Hola to Germany .......

    more info is here How to Create a Framework for iOS and Creating and Distributing iOS Frameworks