displaying all quizzes in database rather than set default php and mysql

I have the following code (part of a index.php page) that displays a default quiz, as shown. Even if there are ten quizzes in the database, only the one set to default is displayed on the page. I would like to adapt the code to display ALL possible quizzes as hyperlinks and allow the user to chose which one they take.

The code relating to the SQL and where the default quiz is set is:



    $index_selecting_quiz = mysql_query("SELECT quiz_id, display_questions, time_allotted, quiz_name
                                    FROM quizes WHERE set_default=1");
    $index_selecting_quiz_row = mysql_fetch_array($index_selecting_quiz);
    $index_selecting_quiz_num = mysql_num_rows($index_selecting_quiz);

    $user_taken = "";
    if(isset($_POST['user_msg']) && $_POST['user_msg']!=""){
        $user_taken = $_POST['user_msg'];
    if(isset($_GET['user_msg']) && $_GET['user_msg']!=""){
        $user_taken = $_GET['user_msg'];

    $total_questions = preg_replace('/[^0-9]/', "", $index_selecting_quiz_row['display_questions']);
    $total_time = preg_replace('/[^0-9]/', "", $index_selecting_quiz_row['time_allotted']);
    $quizName = $index_selecting_quiz_row['quiz_name'];

        $first_item = 'You\'ve got '.$total_time.' mins for attempting '.$total_questions.' questions.';
        $first_item = '<strong>Sorry, but it seems there are no quizzes Available right now!</strong>';

The code relating to the HTML and display, where only the default quiz (see $quizName variable for this) is below:

<body style="font-family: Arial;">
        <div id="head" align="center">
            <img src="img/py.jpg" alt="Chandigarh Engineering College" />

        <div id="main_body" align="center">
            <h2>So, you want to try your luck at the <big>QUIZ</big></h2>
            <strong><?php echo $quizName; ?> </strong>

            <h3 align="left">READ THE RULZ:</h3>
            <div align="left">
                    <li><?php echo $first_item; ?></li>

                    <li>If time runs out, your quiz will automatically be submitted</li>
                    <li>You'll only be getting confirmation pop-up once if you try to leave during the quiz</li>
                    <li>You can only attempt the quiz once</li>

            <h3>GOOD LUCK!</h3>

            <form id="myForm" name="onlyForm" action="quiz.php" method="POST">
                <table align="center">
                        <td align="center">
                            <input type="text" name="rollno" placeholder="Enter your full name." autofocus/>
                        <td align="center">
                            <h3>Click below when you are ready to start the quiz</h3>
                        <td align="center">
                            <a href="javascript:submit();" class="myButton">Click Here to Begin</a>
                            <div id = "enter_rollno" align="center"><?php echo $user_taken ?></div>

It is the following line, in the second block of code, that refers to the quiz title in the database. It is displayed however as text, and not a hyperlink. I would like to adapt the code so that

a) All quizzes (with their names) are displayed on the html page. b) The quiz titles (above) are hyperlinks, so that when clicked, the quiz is taken, rather than just the button at the bottom which allows the user to only be taken to the default quiz set at the top.