MySQL Show Profiles

can someone help me with the following sentence from the MySQL Homepage.

In addition, profiling is per process and not per thread. This means that activity on threads within the server other than your own may affect the timing information that you see.

I want to get the duration of a query. Simultaneously 9 other querys from other clients try to get information from the database. Do I only get the information for my query or do i also see the information of the other querys? Thanks for your help.

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  • answered 2018-01-11 20:40 O. Jones

    This disclaimer ( profiling is per process and not per thread ) means the information about your query's reported performance will be affected by the other workload on the MySQL server. The server tries to sort out your query's resource usage from the other workload, but due to various limitations it cannot do that perfectly accurately.

    It warns you that profiling on a busy MySQL server will not yield completely reproducible results. This isn't generally surprising. As long as you take your profile measurements as appropximations, you probably won't have trouble.