Using nuget package of class library project to centralize all models of solution

I have multiple projects in my solution which is .net core 2 based. They have many individual level classes. Some classes are being used in various projects. I am using mongodb as database. When i have to add/remove any property from a shared class, i have to go and update the class across all projects. I decided to make a new class library project and add all the shared classes in it. Then made a nuget package and tried to add this pkg in my solutions. Firstly, Is it a good approach or should i try something different? Secondly, i have to add various nugets in my class library project to get things working. Like MongoDriver nuget. Now when i add my class library nuget package in other projects, i have to resolve alot of nuget package conflicts wrt versions (mostly of newtonsoft.json). This is a painful process and i am thinking that there might be something wrong with my approach. Is there any way around?