Webpack code splitting to asynrounously load react components within a library

We have developed a React component library for internal use. The library uses webpack to bundle everything into a bundle.js. The library is exposed as an NPM module for use by our applications, which so far has been working great.

Recently we added a Grid component that has some very large external dependencies. Even though a few of our applications won't need this component from the library, we decided to include it in the final bundle. This can make a huge difference in bundle size, so I followed Webpack's code splitting guide to break out the Grid component using a dynamic import. For our applications that have this library installed as an NPM module, the component library bundle now looks like this in node_modules:

├── node_modules/                 
│   ├── [our component library]/                 
│   │   ├── Grid.js # Asynchronously loaded Grid component
│   │   ├── bundle.js # Main bundle
│   │   └── ... other files in component library bundle

When building the application (also with Webpack), the Grid component doesn't seem to be getting included as its own file in the final bundle. In fact, it doesn't get included at all:

├── dist/                 
│   ├── main.js # App bundle
│   ├── vendor.js # Vendor bundle created with CommonChunksPlugin
│   └── ... other files in application bundle but no Grid.js

When trying to load a page in the browser that is using the asynchronously loaded Grid component, Webpack returns the following error:

Error: Loading chunk 0 failed.
  at HTMLScriptElement.onScriptComplete (bundle.js:757)

Essentially, this says the Grid component chunk can't be found. What am I doing wrong? Is it even possible to code split a React component library like this?

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