Any package in R which can Do Multi Class ,Oversampling,Under sampling,Both And SMOTE?

I am looking for Packages which can do multiclass oversampling, Undersampling or both techniques. I tried using ROSE package but it works only for binary class.

my target variable has 4 class and there % are. "0"-70% "1"-15% "2"-10% "3"-5% "4"-5%

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  • answered 2018-01-12 05:30 RomRom

    I believe you should be able to perform a downsample or upsample with more than two classes with Caret package.

    If caret doesn't, perhaps the best is to just write a custom code to randomly sample equal numbers from your variable classess.

    Generally, in practice downsample or upsample is for binary classifications. You may want to consider the one versus all approach. If you downsample then, you have to adjust back your probabilities, so they are not affected by various downsample rates between classes.