Copy Current Env Vars into `docker run`'s Scope

If I'm using a docker container with an entry point set, I can run that container via the following command

docker run -it my-container-tag

If the program in my container requires an environmental variable, I can pass that var via the -e flag

docker run -it -e FOO=bar my-container-tag

If I have a program that uses many environment variable, I get an unwieldy mess that becomes hard to type.

docker run -it -e FOO=bar -e BAZ=zip -e ZAP=zing -e ETC=omg-stop my-container-tag

Is there a way to tell docker run to inherit all the env variables currently set in my shell's scope? If not, are there common practices for working around needing to type in these variables again and again?

1 answer

  • answered 2018-01-11 20:31 TLPNull

    You cant inherit the envs, I usually use docker-compose to set my envs when there is too much, or build the container with the environments variables inside it if you dont need to change frequently.