ELB AWS response slower than Nginx

Hey so we are currently running our production environment on Rackspace and are planning to migrate over to AWS.

On rackspace we have

server 1 (nginx as reverse proxy) --> server 2, server 3 and server 4

On AWS we have:

ELB -> server 1 (nginx) --> server 2, server 3 and server 4

Now the speed at which plain js files are downloaded is 2 or 3 times slower on AWS. Is it possible the ELB config is causing this? Is there a way to increase the bandwidth? Or should we use ELB as a reverse proxy?

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  • answered 2018-01-11 21:45 Rodrigo M

    I have a similar setup, and have no issues with latency. A cold ELB will run slow, so if its a new setup, then you will get more latency.

    Regarding the proxy behind the ELB on AWS. I would remove that. The ELB needs to register/listen to each individual server, so that autoscaling works. If you only connect ELB<=>proxy, then the ELB will not scale correctly, as it does not know the health status of the servers in the cluster.