Improper utf16 count for certain emoji's

Certain emoji's that are actually a combination of emoji's result in the incorrect (or at least a count that doesn't match websites like Twitter).

Example problem is pretty straight forward

👩‍⚖ <- this emoji is a female judge (woman + scale) The count of this emoji is 1 the utf16 count of this emoji in Swift is 4

let tweet = "👩‍⚖"

However, pasting this emoji into Twitter (which is an emoji that Twitter doesn't seem to support you are given the two emoji's. Woman & Scale. Woman is 2 characters and scale is 2 characters when using utf16 count. However, Twitter seems to have a hidden albeit counted invisible character. You will notice this when you try to delete the characters. I'm wondering if there's some way to properly match Twitters count when on mobile. I've seen other websites which, while properly showing the single emoji, are still getting the proper count.