SQLite object handle disappearing

This issue is resolved in our code. I'm not trying to understand the cause but rather how to describe the symptom. Look at the difference between these two SQLiteConnection object states. ie. what is the wording you would use to describe it missing it's handle/pointer? How do I report a bug / issue in a more useful way?

Normal instance of SQLiteConnection - causes no issues:

enter image description here

NOT normal/corrupted instance of SQLiteConnection:

enter image description here

When the object is in this state all methods throw either a "No Such Table" or "Cannot create commands from unopened database at SQLite.SQLiteConnection.CreateCommand".

I can certainly reproduce this issue by instantiating a Static SQLiteConnection object in my MainActivity.cs and attempting to reuse it. It seems something is happening when an activity is resumed that does not keep the object in memory properly. None of this matters much to me except that what seems like poor error handling in SQLiteConnection wasted a lot of time chasing "No Such Table" and I'd like to put in a request for improvement.