GCP for Text Uploads from <= 2000 users

I'm making an Android App / Python program that partially serves to collect user provided data for data analysis purposes. It additionally needs to be able to pull some data back down.

All of this data is text based. It's more or less a scoring system that serves to provide a ranking system among ingame characters. When it comes to pulling data back down I'm considering other options like GitHub or something - I'd manually update the data and it would hopefully result in less downloads.

The prototype I'm theorizing is thus: Every character has their own text file Within the text file are sections based on character level

Every 2 days check the number of entries (client side) and if the number of non-blacklisted entries >= 50, upload - while there, "ask" if the blacklist is still valid

Once a section has more than 20 entries from a single person tell their client to blacklist the entry (others will likely provide additional data to work with and I don't want a single source having too great an impact)

The blacklist would be removed if a new month has started (idk how I'll separate the data if at all - not sure on userbase yet or how sparse the spreading of character + Level representation will be), X time has passed without more entries for that character, or that character has been marked as receiving little data for an extended period of time.

Server gets their text file, grabs the already separated (JSON is my guess) file and merges the data. I'll need to do a bit of research to figure out if it's actually best to keep the data separated into files or just one big JSON file. My guess is there's a growing cost based on file size + it might just get so big as to cause an error ?

Anyway, later on I grab the files, push them to GitHub for community use, and use an algorithm on a local copy to spit out some hard numbers for quick reference in the app (so no runtime averaging or unnecessary parsing needs to be done). From there I can analyze the data and make fun charts and whatnot.

Is that possible on the freeloader edition? The only thing "commercial" about this is possibly ads in the Android App (which itself is separate from the "Python Brains" doing all of this on PC or, eventually, a background server running on the phone via the app) which I'm more than willing to drop either entirely or by using a separate "upload the data" app. c: Not trying to be a horrible person lol just like the idea of the stuff I've been working on maybe letting me replace my dual core computer - #FirstBuildProblems

To clarify - will I go over the limit by doing this / is there something I should put in place to prevent that / abuse? (Like only allowing a connection once every 24 hours, only allowing connections during 4 5m periods throughout the day, a hard cap on data sent/received/processed at once..?