IBM HTTP Server v7 - 404 custom error page - (WAS CE)

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I am presented with a problem, my client asked me to show some custom errors at the time the system is in maintenance or fallen.

When the HTTP Server receives a 503 error, I have no problem. The problem is when I have to show the same maintenance page and I find a 404 error.

This error is presented as follows, the architecture of the system is as follows:

-The HTTP Server v7 in a virtual machine, with load balancing for high availability. -In another VM I have WASCE 1 and WASCE 2. -In another VM, WASCE 3 and WASCE 4.

When the HTTP Server receives a 404 error, it displays the predefined Tomcat error message

Tomcat default 404 error

Even trying to modify the httpd.conf file of the http server did not have any results.

It totally ignores things like "#ErrorDocument 404 /404maintenance.html" or any type of Rewrite Rule.

I found a tutorial that explains that modifying the web.xml file of catalina and placing an ej: myNewError404.html can be modified, since the tomcat default is arriving at the http server.

Tutorial link

The problem is that when I do this, it stops showing me the default tomcat error message, but it shows me a blank screen. Obviously I'm not taking the route in the tag location.


This problem only happens when the service of any of the four WASCE are up, but the application is stopped.

I try to place my file everywhere, but without result. If someone has any help to solve a problem, thank you very much.

Very good start to the year for everyone!