Files aren't opening in Eclipse

I just installed Eclipse on a computer and it has been working fine for the past few days. However, for some reason it stopped working this morning.

When I double click a file to try opening it, it does not open, and there is no response. I have tried the following procedures:

  1. Right click > Open with > every Eclipse editor
  2. Reset perspective (I am in Java EE perspective)
  3. Change perspective to Java
  4. Opening different file formats (.java, .properties, .xml, etc)
  5. F3 and Ctrl-Shift-T
  6. Creating a new project and opening a file from there
  7. Restarting, cleaning workspace

None of these work! I am using Eclipse JEE Oxygen December version.

Edit: When I open a different workspace it works, but I still want to use my old workspace.

1 answer

  • answered 2018-01-13 17:26 Назар Реп'янський

    Try to create a new workspace and put all your projects there from the old one. If it does not work, it's likely that there is an error in one of the projects, try to find it, delete the project from the new workspace 1 and try to open the file, repeat it until the file opens, if you make a mistake in 1 of the projects, then you can create new classes. and copy there codes from the old ones. P. S. If nothing works, you can download INTELIJ and open your workspace there (generally Intelij is more comfortable than Eclipse in my opinion)