Limiting events with AngularFire2

I can't figure out how to prevent a snapshotChanges(["added"]) Observable to emit when document is updated or deleted.

It's in a context a post feed with Firestore

I got a basic structure like: posts/{postID}/like/{likeId}

Each time a new likeId document is added to the sub-collection like how to prevent my Ionic view to refresh completely, which generate bad user experience, and extra data traffic, to update only one value.

The script

Why the payload is always of type "added" even if the collections itself don't have a new document.

getAllPost(type: string): Observable<any[]> {
    return this.afs.collection(`posts`, ref =>
      ref.orderBy("created", "desc")
        .where("visible", "==", true)
        .where("type", "==", type))
      .snapshotChanges(['added', 'removed']).map(actions => {
        console.log(actions) // Type is always "added"
        return => {
          const data =;
          const id =;
          return { id, };