What real-life project do you use OrientDB for?

I'm at the beginning of a new large project. Feature-wise OrientDB seems like the best fit as we need relational, document and graph database which is exactly what OrientDB offers. However due to a lot of bad press that OrientDB suffers we're probably going to go for a safe but a lot less fitting solution (PostgreSQL + Neo4j). Most notable example of bad press is here: http://orientdbleaks.blogspot.com/. There are also many bad comments here on stackoverflow.

I'm keeping an open mind here as there is an occasional supporting comment and people from OrientDB claim that thousands of users are using their product. There is a possibility that there is a small but vocal group of disgruntled users who are (with good intention) trying to turn people away from OrientDB but the reality isn't that grim.

I'd like from people who are actually using OrientDB on real life projects.

Please no comments from marketing people. I'm already aware of success stories page and the blog post about stability on OrientDB website. I've actually read all the success stories but wasn't able to derive much useful information for me as a developer. Most of them revolve around three things: OrientDB was great fit for us; it's free; we already know SQL and didn't need to learn new language. That's useful for initial high level overview but I'd also like a developer perspective. Is OrientDB used as a main database? What sort of queries (and how deep) are being run. How was the development experience? You are however welcome to encourage your users to share their experiences here.

In your answer please include:

  • What exactly are using OrientDB for from system (not business) perspective
  • Scale of the usage
  • Good and bad aspects of your experience
  • Name of the company and your position there (to make the answer more trustworthy).