Header generation?

So my goal is to programm a tool that sends wrong data to the server so that you can browse anonymus, but for that I need to know were the header that will send to the server to let the server now how I am. And if I am not wrong the server keeps tracking these in log files. So the Information these header has got, are ip, os, browser type, language and more. Visit this link, from there I got all my Information. So I want to know were these Header will be generated and how I can change it (from the local machine), the programming languages that I would prefer for this is Python3 or c++, so nothing directly inside the browser, more like a service that I can programm and run in the background of the current machine (user Pc). These will change it (header) every time you connect to a website/server. Hope now everything is clear now, if not write my a commment.