iOS app distrubution

I have a app on Appstore called for example mysuperapp.

After a while I had a lot of ideas of major changes so I planned to make a new app called mysuperapp2. Probably I should have started a new branch on git - but I did not. Now I have change my mind so instead of a new app I would like to do a update of my first app. How can I do that in the best way?

  1. Copy all my files from 2 to the first project.
  2. Update my Appstore mysuperapp but from my local mysuperapp2.
  3. Rename the project from mysuperapp2 to mysuperapp.

In suggestion 1. How about the storyboard and all the connections. Is it possible to also copy the storyboard.

And in suggestion 2. Is there any ID or keys that don't make it possible to update the Appstore project from an other project.

Suggestion 3. In how many place do I need to change the name and will the still be some hide key / ID that shows that this is not the original project.

Thanks for any input and help to pick the best way.

I have xcode 9 and swift 3.