Tool for pull request/code review with multiple repositories?

Is there an available tool that is able to create Code Review/Pull Requests/Merge Request from multiple Git repositories like post-review used inside Amazon(documentation here)? GitHub/Gitlab are oriented to individual/small team development(by today) and doesn't provide such essential feature which is necessary for companies developing multiple projects or multiple teams, although there are asks from Gitlab users to create such advanced Merge Requests: Issue 1, Issue 2.

Does anyone know an advanced source code versioning and reviewing tool/service being able to perform that?

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  • answered 2018-01-15 02:22 Marina Liu - MSFT

    There is no such feature to pull request or code review across multiple repos (unless and fork repo and the original repo) for github/gitlab.

    The work around for the situation is adding the branch from another repo into the current repo which you want to create pull request and code review:

    # In local current repo
    git remote add another <URL for another repo> -f
    git checkout -B newbranch another/branchname
    git push -u origin newbranch

    Then you can create a pull request to merge the newbranch into the branch (such as master) which is original existing in current repo.