Can I install Docker on Endless Linux?

Pretty soon I am going to work with a team in a Linux environment, where Ubuntu is preferable and we will work with Docker and Symphony. For this purpose I have bought a new laptop and asked the company to install Ubuntu Linux on it.

However, they told me that the laptop came with an installed Endless Linux and they did not manage to install Ubuntu, the installer crashed. So I have two options: I will either install the programming environment on my Endless Linux, or I will have to install a virtual machine on the computer and install the programming environment on that. The latter has some obvious drawbacks, so I would like to install the programming environment on Endless Linux.

The problem is that even though I have been searching for possibilities to install Docker on Endless Linux, I did not find the solution.

My question is: is there a Docker version compatible with Endless Linux?

I came from a Windows environment and do not have extensive knowledge about Docker and/or Linux.