Parse Server, MongoDB - get "liked" state of an object

I am using Parse Server, which runs on MongoDB.

Let's say I have collections User and Comment and a join table of user and comment. User can like a comment, which creates a new record in a join table.

Specifically in Parse Server, join table can be defined using a 'relation' field in the collection.

Now when I want to retrieve all comments, I also need to know, whether each of them is liked by the current user. How can I do this, without doing additional queries?

You might say I could create an array field likers in Comment table and use $elemMatch, but it doesn't seem as a good idea, because potentially, there can be thousands of likes on a comment.

My idea, but doesn't seem like a great solution:

I could create an array field someLikers, a relation (join table) field allLikers and a number field likesCount in Comment table. Then put first 100 likers in both someLikers and allLikers and additional likers only in the allLikers. I would always increment the likesCount.

Then when querying a list of comments, I would implement the call with $elemMatch, which would tell me whether the current user is inside someLikers. When I would get the comments, I would check whether some of the comments have likesCount > 100 AND $elemMatch returned null. If so, I would have to run another query in the join table, looking for all comments with this condition that are liked by the current user.

Is there a better option?