Output from oracle and java are not matching

I have loaded all the java classes in Oracle DB as objects using loadjava utility. I am calling them with the help of java proc created in oracle database.

Problem that i am facing:
I tried to run the code both in eclipse and Oracle with same set of parameters. But the output that I am getting in both the cases are different.

For example: Suppose I am sending a date to java class and java class has to change that date to some other date by using the algorithm coded into it.

Input Date: 2017-01-04(YYYY-MM-DD).
Output Date in Eclipse: 1967-05-06(YYYY-MM-DD).
Output Date in Oracle: 2078-02-06(YYYY-MM-DD).

Please can someone let me know why I am getting different dates when I am using same code?

Note: Cannot share the code due to privacy concerns.

Thanks Ankit.