Looking for SAAS to use to disambiguate known entities (people, businesses, films, foods). Need to store the data

Is there a disambiguation SAAS that I can call and also store the results?

I'm writing an app that allows users to share recommendations.

I'd like to use Bing Entity Search, but their Terms of Service forbid storage. I'm happy to pay for usage.

Typical use case:

  • Two people are talking and one says “You should check out this new restaurant.”

  • The user picks up their phone and starts to enter the name of the restaurant “Acme Cafe”.

  • The app shows a list of matching restaurants.

  • The user chooses one from the list.

The app stores the restaurant name, address, phone and location. I’m a freelance .Net web developer, so I’d like to use Bing Entity Search API, but their terms of service clearly prohibit this behavior.